The Bobowski Method

[typed string0=”Restores your youthful energy” string1=”Strengthens your core stabilizing muscles” string2=”Encourages a mindful approach” string3=”Increases your flexibility” string4=”Connects your body and mind” string5=”Improves your postural alignment” string6=”Makes you happier and more present” typeSpeed=”90″ startDelay=”600″ backSpeed=”24″ backDelay=”1600″ loop=”1″]

The Body Evolution ProgramStand 4 Health

Serena Bobowski


  1. Your body is always doing its best to heal, cleanse, and rebuild.
  2. Listen to your heart and allow your intuition to guide you.
  3. You are your own best healer.

the Body Evolution Program

I created The Body Evolution Program for women over 40 who think their best body is behind them. You will overcome pain, feel energised, move with strength and confidence in every step of life.

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“Serena is an amazing teacher – committed, knowledgeable and always ready to listen.  

Her understanding of the body-mind connection and its importance for each individual allows her to build development programs that respond to the needs of each person.  

Doing Pilates with Serena and following her Body Evolution Program for 3 months empowered me to change my body, improve my strength and flexibility and reduce my pain in a way that’s both liberating and exciting.”

Lucy Oreilly

“Serena Bobowski is a talented Pilates teacher.

She works with the individual to create classes that can address a variety of needs from simple stretching to advanced exercise. She is a perceptive instructor who knows when to push and when to pull back and is interested in a holistic approach which is encouraging, sympathetic and effective.

Over the years we have worked together I have been impressed by her commitment and her ability to intuit how I am feeling.” 

Alexandra Shulman

Editor British Vogue

“Thanks for your wonderful funny, impactful teaching.

It’s the most rubbish time for me but I absolutely love your teaching, energy and humour.

You got me through lockdown and now you are getting me through winter.”

Navita Atreya

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