Serena Bobowski

WOMEN's Health coach

Serena is the founder of The Bobowski Method,
combining physical fitness, mindset work, and energy
therapy in one comprehensive holistic model.

The programs I offer:
The Body Evolution ProgramStand4Health.


Hey!  So happy you’re here.
Here is a little bit about me…

My method is based on the principles…

  1. Your body is always doing its best to heal, cleanse, and rebuild.
  2. Listen to your heart and allow your intuition to guide you.
  3. You are your own best healer.

From a very young age, I developed a physical practice every day.  Choosing ballet from the age of 3, I trained and performed with the Hartford Ballet until I was 16.  Against the advice of my dance teachers, I played soccer and loved long-distance running.  I realize that consistent physical practise plays a big role in my happiness.  Helping others develop a daily self-practice is important to me because the body wants to be listened to.

“Life has always been my school.  Every twist, turn, love, heartbreak, win, loss, acceptance, rejection, celebration, and failure has taught me and brought me to this present moment.  Now, almost 50, my passion is helping people become friends with their bodies.”

As a child, I thought a lot about the connection between the body and mind.  I started to piece the puzzle together when my sister, who had severe Tuberous Sclerosis, went onto a program with the Institute for The Development of Human Potential.  I’ve realized that when we listen to our bodies and become more aware of what our body is telling us, we build a new relationship with ourselves.  We feel grounded and confident in our body and trust that our body is a true expression of who we are.

I continued my training in dance and drama at Skidmore College, as well as my passionate study of languages, which came from listening to my Italian grandmother and aunties around the table as a small child.  When my sister passed away in my first week at college, I decided I could go anywhere and do anything, not without fear, but with the confidence to listen to and follow my heart.

After travelling in Europe with my family in my teens and studying in Paris my junior year abroad, I knew wanted to live in Europe and having an Italian passport made it easier for me as a born American.  When I moved to London in 1997, I met a bunch of like-minded artists, and together we formed the infamous theatre collective Shunt, at the forefront of a new genre – immersive theatre.

I trained as a Pilates Instructor and acquired my certification from The Pilates Studio, New York City in 2002.  I was so fascinated by the system Joseph Pilates created and drew parallels with the program my sister was on.  At the heart of both methods of practice was the engagement of the body and mind towards healing and living one’s greatest potential.

Life has always been my school.  Every twist, turn, love, heartbreak, win, loss, acceptance, rejection, celebration, and failure has taught me and brought me to this present moment.  Now, almost 50, my passion is helping people become friends with their bodies.

I practice EFT Tapping, Mindfulness, and Meditation.  I am a certified EFT Practitioner.  With over 25 years of teaching experience, I believe in a straightforward approach to movement and mindset as part of everyday life.

I created The Body Evolution Program because I believe everyone can be free of pain, feel energised, and move with strength and confidence in every step.

Put in the work.  Invest in yourself.  Commit to your process.  And love yourself even though.

The Body Evolution Program

The Body
Evolution Program

I created The Body Evolution Program for women over 40 who think their best body is behind them. You will overcome pain, feel energised, move with strength and confidence in every step of life.


Makes you feel confident & energized

When your body is supporting itself in correct postural alignment you are free.  Your energy field can easily release crappy thoughts and feelings and BOOM! instant energy.


Improves your postural alignment

Strengthening your core stabilizing muscles also Increases your flexibility!  TWO IN ONE!  You have everything you need to do any other exercise without fear of injury or strain.  


Encourages a mindful approach every day

Your body does not need your mind to worry.  And fear does not allow for the body’s natural healing, rebuilding, cleansing.  Pain is our body’s way of telling us it’s time to make a change.     


Connects your body and mind and energy

How you hold yourself speaks to others with more impact than even your words.  Become aware of your body and how you move.  Which thoughts and beliefs are helping you and which are holding you back?


Makes you happier and more present

Being in your body is being present.  When you learn to hold a place for your body even for 2 minutes a day, you will immediately notice how centered and focus you are. 

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