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As employees spend most of their day in the office, I feel passionate about helping to make the workplace a healthy environment.  Using a sit/stand desk correctly is a great way to increase health and combat stress while maintaining focus and improving productivity.

Stand4Health™ method provides the tools to stand comfortably for 4+ hours a day. By the end of 5 weeks, you will notice – better job performance, reduced sickness, less anxiety and improved quality of life.

Kate Cherry: “Here I speak with Serena Bobowski, pilates instructor and CEO of the Bobowski Method. In this challenging time we speak about overall wellbeing, posture, her passion project Stand 4 Health and her tips for gaining balance and inner peace during this time.”

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NND and guests discuss all aspects of work and workplaces. This week: NND talks to pilates instructor Serena Bobowski, creator of The Bobowski Method.

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