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“Serena is the best of teachers, an excellent facilitator – dedicated, skilled, experienced, fully engaged – all with a lovely sense of humour.

Doing the Pilates work with her over the past 3 years has changed my body shape as well as my core strength and my confidence.”


Homeopath, London


I created The Body Evolution Program for women over 40 who think their best body is behind them.

In 30 weeks you will overcome pain, feel energised, move with strength and confidence in every step of life.

No one is free of pain all the time- whether it’s a low level constant niggling or an injury that takes too long to heal. Pain is a voice inside ourselves that screams out to be listened to.

Most women who experience pain end up feeling disempowered, fatigued, and often even depressed. You compare yourself to others that seem to be perfectly ok. You fault yourself for having the pain – “why is this happening to me?”

Are you ready to finally change the cycle of pain in your body?

Are you ready to feel grounded and full of energy as your body ages?

The Body Evolution Program is a comprehensive holistic system proven to relieve pain, feel strong, and create body confidence.

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