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If not now then when?

As a woman over 40 going through the hormonal changes of peri-menopause and the menopause, you feel anxious, fatigued, moody, and you notice aches and pains in your body that weren’t there before.  You compare yourself to other women your age who seem to be getting along just fine.  And you fault yourself for having these feelings and even think – why is this happening to me?!

You might have tried to willfully make a change by getting a gym membership, going on a yoga retreat, dieting, or going to a spa but none of this makes a real difference and you end up feeling disempowered and a failure.

Guess what?  It’s ok and it’s normal.  As much as the physical and mental changes you experience before and during the menopause can make you feel disconnected, fatigued, and unfocused, this is also an opportunity to put your needs first.

As women, we spend most of our lives juggling work, relationships and family so we will fall short of giving to ourselves.  Even though you know you need to spend more time on self-care, it probably doesn’t come naturally to you.

Are you ready to feel grounded and full of energy as your body ages?

I created The Body Evolution Program because I am passionate about helping women learn to tune in and really listen to their bodies – recognize what’s happening and know exactly how to find their focus.  You will develop an intuitive connection with your body so that you know what you need and have the tools available to make healthy choices every day.

How about feeling so strong and confident that you don’t even care what anyone else thinks?

You are unique and special.  My programs are tailored to empower you so you can release what no longer serves you, embody the shape you desire and move into the future authentically.

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“Serena is the best of teachers, an excellent facilitator – dedicated, skilled, experienced, fully engaged – all with a lovely sense of humour.

Doing the Pilates work with her over the past 3 years has changed my body shape as well as my core strength and my confidence.”


Homeopath, London

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Hormonal Changes in Menopause

As a woman over 40 going through the hormonal changes of peri-menopause and menopause, you feel anxious, fatigued, and moody, and you notice aches and pains in your body that weren’t there before. 



No one is free of pain all the time- whether it’s a low level constant niggling or an injury that takes too long to heal.  Pain is your body telling you to make a change.



Many women in peri-menopause and menopause experience tiredness every day.  Whether you feel low energy or a lack motivation, a regular fitness and mindfulness practice helps you to feel grounded and confident.



Feelings of self-loathing and self-doubt are normal.  How you think about your self and your body is reflected in all that you do.  When you are feeling low, it’s helpful to have simple tools to shift your mindset into a more positive place.



The habits we have acquired from our past and the changes we want to make are all part of our makeup.  When the two are not in alignment with each other, we end up feeling anxious.  Gently putting new practices into our day-to-day life will relieve anxiety and overwhelm.     



An inability to focus is an opportunity to look somewhere else and to renegotiate your choices.  Sometimes it’s better to smell the rose than push through an email or presentation.  Everything needs our attention, and giving focus to your well-being can be a priority.

Your Healing Journey

The Body
Evolution Program

I created The Body Evolution Program for women over 40 who think their best body is behind them. You will overcome pain, feel energised, and move with strength and confidence in every step of life.


Makes you feel confident & energized

When your body is supporting itself in correct postural alignment you are free.  Your energy field can easily release crappy thoughts and feelings and BOOM! instant energy.


Improves your postural alignment

Strengthening your core stabilizing muscles also Increases your flexibility!  TWO IN ONE!  You have everything you need to do any other exercise without fear of injury or strain.  


Encourages a mindful approach every day

Your body does not need your mind to worry.  And fear does not allow for the body’s natural healing, rebuilding, cleansing.  Pain is our body’s way of telling us it’s time to make a change.     


Connects your body and mind and energy

How you hold yourself speaks to others with more impact than even your words.  Become aware of your body and how you move.  Which thoughts and beliefs are helping you and which are holding you back?


Makes you happier and more present

Being in your body is being present.  When you learn to hold a place for your body even for 2 minutes a day, you will immediately notice how centered and focus you are. 

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